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Rochester, NY Online Groups

The following are Rochester-related online groups.  Some groups are discussion groups where local topics are discussed.  Others are for posting items for sale or items wanted.  This list does not include adult oriented groups.  If you know of a Rochester, NY group that is not listed here, please send the URL to Max Lent .  Because this list is so long, it may be easier to use your browser's "find" option to search for key words. 

It is important to note that these online groups may or may not be part of formal organizations.  "Organizations in Rochester, New York" is a list of formal organizations which may or may not have online groups.

  • AGO Rochester.  "This group is made up of church organists who live in the Rochester, NY area. The messages broadcast will be requests for substitute organists from local church."
  • AIVF-Salon-Rochester.  "Individuals who have attended or expressed interest in maintaining a salon about film and video in Rochester, NY."
  • A Gypsy Dream.  "A Gypsy Dream is located at 1534 Dewey Ave., Rochester, NY 14615, 585-254-5830.  We offer Wicca 101 and Wicca 2 courses monthly. Come visit our store front for a variety of spiritual and working needs! We also offer Psychic Readings for less than a dollar a minute, Earcandlings, and Gemstone Readings, and Healings. We have a non-profit organization coming soon that will allow us to reach out to the community and help those in need and will be looking for volunteers. All are Welcome! Blessed Be!"
  • Academy for Career Development in Rochester, N.Y.  "A meeting place for discussion and improvement for those individuals associated with the academy for career Development in Rochester, N.Y."
  • Amerks.  "This list is for fans of the Rochester Americans, the AHL affiliate of the Buffalo Sabres.   It will be dedicated to providing news and updates on Rochester, NY's hockey team and discussing anything to do with the Amerks."
  • Aquinas Class of 1998.  "Hello all.   This is a club for anyone from The Aquinas High School of Rochester, NY, especially grads from the class of 1998."
  • Artisan Flying Club.  "The Artisan Flying Club of Rochester, NY."
  • BIGTVWBGTfans.  "mailing list to viewers of our TV station who have written to us; fans of BIGTV! WBGT UPN UHF channels 4 & 26 Rochester NY We are struggling to get on cable; Time Warner won't put us on which is ridiculous We offer local, educational, "vintage," business, ethnic, and religious programs. We are Rochester's ONLY UPN affiliate with LOTS of sci-fi and wrestling!"
  • Balawadee of Rochester.  "Marathi Classes for Children in Rochester, NY."
  • Benjamin Franklin High School of Rochester NY.  "Benjamin Franklin High School of Rochester NY. Welcome all students, alumni and staff."
  • Black Deaf Community.  "A place for the Black deaf/hoh community of Rochester, NY (outsiders welcome) to network amongst themselves as well as with the Black hearing community of Rochester, NY.   All age groups are welcome."
  • Newsletter.  "Subscribe to this newsletter to receive occasional news regarding the broadband industry, particularly as it relates to Rochester, NY. Find out what the broadband providers don't want you to know, including ways to get refunds for poor service, ways to maximize your residential package without spending extra money and how to defend your rights in a near-monopoly industry."
  • Brownie Troup 290.  "This is a place where the girl can come an safely chat online or find stuff to do...or updates on troop events."
  • BuddhaHood.  "This is a group to discuss and find about the band The BuddhaHood from Rochester, NY."
  • CSX in the Niagara region of the USA.  "This list covers the CSX Chicago Line, Niagara Branch and all ex CR lines from Erie, Pa through Buffalo as far east as Rochester, NY. Also you can include other railroad talk and train/OS reports in this area NS, CN, CP, and Amtrak too."Cakewalk Users of Western NY.  "This is a group for cakewalk users in the Western NY area. This is a place for individuals to ask questions, post advice and link to projects on the web. Sonar1.0, 1.0XL, 2.0, 2.0XL,Pro Audio9, Guitar Tracks, and Home Studio users are all welcome to post."
  • Central NY Contra Dance Group.  "This site focus mainly on Contra Dancing in the Ithaca, Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton and Cooperstown NY area. It is intended for general Contra Dance discussions, recent and future events, sharing of rides, for posting of any appropriate photos, for band and callers comments as well as any genuine related items. It is not intended for the sale of items or personal or product promotions."
  • Chili Fire Department, Inc.  "chilifire - A moderated e-group for the corporate members of the Chili Fire Dept., INC. Rochester, NY. (All Firefighters Special Duty, Fire Police, Exempts, Auxiliary and Explorers.)  The purpose of this e-group is to promote departmental communications. The list may be used for general and specific announcements pertaining to but not limited to: meetings, drills, special details, etc."
  • China Millennium Council.  "China Millennium Council's mission is to foster and develop ongoing mutual cultural, educational, business and friendly exchanges between China and the West. China Millennium Council is committed to embracing unity in diversity among all peoples' cultures and promoting the universal spirit of peace and understanding as the basis for innovation, reciprocity and the learning of common cultures and concepts. CMC encompasses the yin-yang principle of balance, harmony and unity."
  • Chorus of the Genesee Fans.  "The Chorus of the Genesee is a barbershop chorus from Rochester NY, USA. The cog-fans list carries announcements of Chorus performances."
  • Chorus of the Genesee Members.  "This list is meant for members of Rochester NY's Chorus of the Genesee. If you are not a member of the Chorus, try COG-Fans instead."
  • Church Without Walls.  "This group has been created for use by anyone with interest in the Church Without Walls in Rochester, NY Our services are held each Sunday on the Monroe Community College campus in Rochester, NY."
  • Church Without Walls - Members.  "This group has been created for use by anyone with interest in the Church Without Walls in Rochester, NY Our services are held each Sunday on the Monroe Community College campus in "The Forum". Look for our signs."
  • Club Vertex.  "We are that which grows stronger with each clutching breath.  We are it that thrives in the very absence of light.  We have been forever, we shall be for eternity.  We are Rochester NY's one and only, longest running and most indestructible gothic/industrial nightclub ever.  We are Vertex." 
  • Congregation Beth Hakneses Hachodosh Synagogue.  "Congregation BHH. Whether you are a manager, member, or visitor here, we hope you enjoy this MSN group."
  • The Corpus Christi Friends Internet Team.  "The Corpus Christi Friends Internet Team is dedicated to advocating for reform within the Catholic Church, and relaying information as to how these reforms affect Corpus Christi Parish, Rochester, NY.  This discussion list provides subscribers with information about this reform at our Parish, and the opportunity to discuss the issues surrounding this internet-based advocacy."
  • Corpus Spiritus Christi Faith Community.  "This list is for people interested in the vision and implementation of the Spiritus Christi Faith Community in Rochester, NY."
  • Club DSM.  "Rochester DSM is for the communication of members of Club DSM located in Rochester, NY.   It is for discussing club events, problems and fixes."
  • Crokemeisters.  "This group is for the discussion of Crokinole - techniques, tactics, strategies, variants, house rules, and venues - primarily in the Rochester/Upstate NY region."
  • Crop-A-Lot Scrapbooking Retreats.  "Crop-A-Lot hosts Scrapbooking Retreats / Getaways / Crops in both Canada and the US. Crop-A-Lot is known for its elegant, Camelot-style events. Retreats being held this Fall include one in the Niagara Region (Grimsby, Ontario, Canada) and one in Central New York State (Waterloo, NY, between Syracuse and Rochester). Visit for more information! A chat group of Crop-A-Lot attendees appears at
  • Dignity of Women Committee of St. John the Evangelist Church.  "Discussion amongst members of the Dignity of Women Committee of St. John the Evangelist Church, Humboldt Street, Rochester NY."
  • Disintegration, The music of The Cure.  "This club is dedicated to the band Disintegration, a Cure cover band based in Rochester, NY but destined to play all over the world. Join in to support the band and keep updated as to our shows and activities.  Music matters."
  • DisneyFans of Rochester, NY.  "A group for Disney fans in the Rochester, NY area to discuss all things Disney including WDW and DVC. This list will also be used to plan in person get togethers to talk Disney"
  • Eastridge High School Alumni.  "This is a place where Eastridge High School (Rochester, NY 14622) alumni and friends can stay in touch. All members must post first and last names (at graduation) in either their Yahoo ID, their comments, or their profiles."
  • Europeans In Rochester.  "This list is for Europeans who live in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. Discuss your favorite topic, tell us how you came here, about your home country, etc. The purpose of this list is to establish friendship and meet other Europeans who have made the move across the Atlantic and come to this area. The language will be English. On occasion, we also organize get-togethers locally."
  • Flower City Green Party.  "egroup for registered green party members in Rochester NY -aka-the 'flowercity.' visit  for a link to our local website.
  • Flour City Hash House Harriers.  "Flour City Hash House Harriers - A drinking club that runs in and around Rochester, NY."
  • Flower City Pagans.  "Welcome, Friends.  This list provides a place to talk, debate, and share ideas with other like minded people.   No flaming, please... there are other, better ways to disagree.   Mainly for those of us in the Rochester, NY area, but any and all are welcome.   Join with an open mind and heart."
  • Flower City Tinplate Trackers.  "The Flower City Tinplate Trackers of Rochester, New York is a modular three rail layout with both member owned and club owned sections. We display our layout at several train shows in the upstate N.Y. area. This site is for members to communicate with one another, Post pictures of the club and private layouts as well as links to other sites of similar interests. For more info contact Lee Wood at  or Rick Rubino at"
  • Fortyoz-Failure.  "A great independent hardcore/hip-hop hybrid of loud music. People compare them to Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Deftones, Snot, etc. From Rochester NY these guys tear up the scene here. Check them out and get all the info."
  • Freakazoid nightclub - Roch. NY.  "FREAKAZOID was a strong running nightclub for over 5 years in Rochester NY. Now long gone, this club is here to trade pictures, stories &; flyers from events. Please, no advertising on this club. You may add a bookmark for whatever you like, but spamming will be removed. Thanks! There are plenty of pictures posted, and feel free to add your own."
  • Friday Night Movie Club.  "For members of the Friday Night Movie Club (FNMC), a loose coalition of Movie Enthusiasts based in Rochester NY and at RIT."
  • GBLT Rochester, NY.  "I've been perusing the yahoo groups on and off for about a year now. Most of them are just for gay guys, or just for lesbians, or just for teens. Or some of them are just for specific topics, such as hooking up, or gay rights, or anything else. This is just a group for anybody GBLT in the Rochester, NY area who wants to chat. I hope to see you around!"
  • Genesee Valley BMW Club.  "This list is for anyone interested in the Genesee Valley Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. We are based out of Rochester NY."
  • Genesee Valley Organic CSA.  "The Genesee Valley Organic CSA is a farmer-shareholder coop open to anyone in the greater Rochester NY area.  Families with children are especially welcome. This list is for members or the GVOCSA."
  • Girlfriend In A Coma.  "Girlfriend In A Coma are a Indie/Emo/Rock band from out of Rochester, NY... our main purpose is to rock out and have fun... this is a good way to get in touch with the band, as well as other people who listen to our music... and to stay updated on GIAC-related news..."
  • GRADA Women's Ultimate.  "GRADA Women's Ultimate. Whether you are a manager, member, or visitor here, we hope you enjoy this MSN group." 
  • Greater Rochester Area Disc Association (GRADA).  "The Greater Rochester Area Disc Association (GRADA) works to support Ultimate Frisbee activities in the Rochester, NY area. This mailing list is open to any interested party, but the subject matter is limited to topics of interest to Rochester Ultimate players."
  • Group for Indians living in Rochester, NY.  "This Group is for people from India (Pakistan/Bangladesh/Srilanka too) living in ROCHESTER, NY. The primary purposes being information exchange, classifieds, Hindu temple news, Indian movies news, occasions, business advertisements related to Indians etc."
  • House of Hellfira.  "An experiment named after a psychotic cat &; based in the Rochester/upstate NY area. H.o.H is open to anybody, anywhere. H.o.H was created for people to meet new friends &; promote underground/independent places, bands, dj's and events. H.o.H admits ALL people: young, old, any race, straight, gay, bisexual, alien, make-believe, whatever/whoever..."
  • ICAN of Greater Rochester.  "This group is for members of the Greater Rochester, NY chapter of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network). ICAN's purpose is threefold: ICAN works to lower the rate of unnecessary cesareans, supports vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and encourages positive birthing through education and advocacy. More information can be found at  Any women who have had cesareans or who want to learn more about c-sections are welcome in this group, and are welcome to attend our monthly meetings."
  • Iota Psi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha.  "This group is for members of the Iota Psi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. We are located in Rochester, NY at RIT. All sisters and alumni are welcome."
  • Indonesians In Rochester.  "Milis ini buat komunikasi orang orang Indonesia yang tinggal di Rochester, NY."
  • Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School.  "Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni of Wilson Magnet High School in Rochester, NY e-mail listing."
  • Lake Ontario Sailing.  "The topic of this discussion is Lake Ontario sailing. Share your experiences from sailing the lake and visiting the ports on its shore. Tell us about your favorite boat mechanic, fiberglass repair wizard, marina, yacht club, and more. Advertise sailboats for sale, equipment, sails, or anything related. Post requests for crew or offers to crew. Share your best and worst experiences on Lake Ontario."  Yahoo! group.  
  • Literacy Volunteers of America: Tutor Forum.  "To: Tutors in Adult Literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) through Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. (LVA).  I invite you to use this space to share ideas, materials, questions, and answers so that we can better serve our clients and make this a more enjoyable experience for ourselves."
  • Lotus_SeaScouts303 · Sea Scouts - Ship 303.  "Sea Scouting is a coeducational program that specializes in maritime training for young adults from the ages of 14-20 years old. Our unit, Sea Scout Ship 303, (Based out of Webster, NY) focuses on sail-training aboard the tall-ship Lotus. This training includes weekly meetings and sailing trip in the summer months around the Lake Ontario Region.
    Lotus, our sail training vessel, is a 48-foot gaft rigged antique wooden schooner designed by the famous naval architect William Hand Jr., which was launched in 1918.

    During our weekly meetings and summer training, our members learn the skills necessary to run and maintain our sailing vessel as well as other aspects of maritime knowledge."   Yahoo! group. 
  • Marriage Equality Rochester." Marriage Equality's Rochester, NY Chapter. Our Mission Statement reads: "To secure the freedom and the right of same-sex couples to enter in a legally-recognized civil marriage, having all the Federal and State benefits and responsibilities which that entails. Please join us in the struggle... help us make same-sex marriage a reality."
  • Mex Restaurant.  "This group is for Mex Restaurant in Rochester, NY."
  • Model Railroad Club at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester-RITMRC Members.  Official discussion group for members of the Model Railroad Club at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, USA. You must be a member of RITMRC to join this group.  Make sure you visit our site at"
  • Monroe Middle School PTA.  "This group acts as an email distribution list for members of the Monroe Middle School PTA, in Rochester, NY."
  • Mt. Vernon Ave.  "Welcome to the Mt Vernon Ave. email list. This e-list is for neighbors on Mt. Vernon Ave. and adjacent streets such as Nicholson, Caroline, and down to Rockingham, who ever is interested in the neighborhood to communicate via email."
  • Music Therapists around the Rochester, NY area.  "Music Therapy Professionals in and around the Rochester, NY area."
  • NY Saturn Performance Owners Club.  "If you are a member of NY Saturn Performance Owners Club, or would like to join, become a member of this mailing list."
  • Negative Image Scooter Club.  "Welcome to the Negative Image Scooter Club of Rochester, NY, serving Western New Yorkers with an interest in all motor scooters."
  • New Life Presbyterian Church.  "Mailing list for New Life Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY."
  • Northgate LEAH Information.  "This is a public, informational, web site for Northgate LEAH in Rochester, NY. We support Christian Home Schooling families through a variety of services and activities."
  • Odyssey Rochester.  "Open to Catholic twenties/thirties (single and married) in the Rochester, NY area."
  • The Olive Fellowship Group DL.  "The Email DL for Olive Fellowship Group in Rochester Chinese Christian Church (NY)."
  • Orbit Underground.  "Orbit Underground: A band with a sound of the acid soaked 60's but with a groove of todays style. This four man band is out of Rochester, NY and playing out on a path to victory. Influences vary: Syd Barrett/early Pink Floyd, Beatles, Ministry, Cream, They Might Be Giants...  Orbit Underground is based in the upstate NY/Rochester area.  Join this club to keep up to date on the progress.  Go to their website and check out their mp3's"
  • Paintball information for the Rochester, NY area.  "Paintball information for the Rochester, NY area." 
  • Parents Without Partners (PWP), Fairport Chapter 683.  "Parents Without Partners (PWP), Fairport Chapter 683, serving the Greater Rochester Area. Please visit our website for information about our organization and how to join."
  • Party Planner's Networking Group.  This groups is for a select group of Party Planners (MLM's, DSA's, etc.), residing in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas, that has been selected by the owner and is only open to other potential members by approval by the list owner.   This list is for networking your business and sharing ideas and info. with other members."
  • Pixie's Legacy - A Doberman Rescue.  "This is for volunteers and friends of Pixie's Legacy. Pixie's Legacy is the Rescue arm of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Western New York. We work to find new homes for Dobes in need in the Rochester and Buffalo, NY areas."
  • Protection of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church in Rochester, NY.  "This group is for use of the college kids at Protection of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church in Rochester, NY."
  • Radio Coaches of the Rochester Amateur Radio Association.  "The Radio Coaches are a group of ham volunteers that teach electronics, ham radio and technology careers to 6th graders at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Rochester, NY."
  • RedEye Referrals.  "RedEye Referrals is a Monroe County, NY chapter of BNI (Business Network International), a business and professional networking organization that allows only one person per profession to join a chapter."
  • Reflections of the Dreaming.  "In-Character Mailing List for Players of "Reflections of the Dreaming", the Camarilla (tm) Changeling Venue in Rochester, NY. Moderated by Liz Schwab." 
  • RIT96-97.  "Graduate Class of 96-97.  School Of Printing Management and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY."
  • RIT Model Railroad Club.  "Official discussion group for the Model Railroad Club at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, USA.  Make sure you visit our site at"
  • RIT Student Volunteer Center.  "This group provides a convenient way for students at the Rochester Institute of Technology to find out about community service opportunities in the Rochester, NY area. We hope that students also use the list to set up carpools, since many potential volunteers don't have any transportation. Agencies are also welcome to join and submit information about their volunteering needs."
  • ROC City Entertainment/DJ ROC.  "Get all the latest info on what's going down with DJ ROC and ROC City Entertainment, holding down Rochester, NY!   Holla."
  • Roch Gamers.  "This list is dedicated to people who play board war games (and Eurogames) in the Rochester, NY area. This is a place to set up games and meet others that share your interests."
  • Roch_Toasters · Central Division, D 65 Toastmasters.  "This list is specifically designed to serve fellow Toastmasters in both the western NY area and the rest of the world.  The goal of this list is to have communication and ideas spread between individual toastmasters and clubs. Objectives: to make all clubs stronger, allow clubs to broadcast if speakers are needed, and any division/district announcements to be sent. Membership: all Toastmasters who want to join. We are not looking at this to be an exclusive group, either of officers or even Rochester-only Toastmasters. We are also not looking for this to be a gripe board or something exclusive. We see this as another way we can communicate and spread the word."
  • Rochester ACS.  "This list is for distribution of news, job openings, and items of interest to members and affiliates of the Rochester, NY Section of the American Chemical Society. The Rochester Section serves Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, and Wayne counties in Upstate New York."
  • Rochester Amateur Radio Association.  "This newsgroup is sponsored by The Rochester (NY) Amateur Radio Association and is open to all. It deals with messages to general interest to club members and is moderated by George Masny.  Please direct any inquiries to "
  • Rochester Area Baha'i College Clubs.  "A listserve for the Rochester (NY) area Baha'i college clubs. It may also be used for college/university related Baha'i events, news, etc."
  • Rochester Area Dogs and People.  "Live in Rochester or the surrounding areas and have dogs?   Frustrated by the lack of places to bring your dogs to socialize/play?   So are we!   This is a group for people who want to get together for playgroups and talk about their dogs in the Rochester, NY area, including Wayne County.   This is intended to be both a fun and informative list.   Topics will vary widely, including training and competitions.   Membership is open, moderation will be limited to spammers/rudeness.   Come and chat."
  • Rochester Area Motorcycle Riders Group.  "Looking to start a riding group in the Rochester, NY area. Hoping to get a group of people together for outings on our cycles.   Men and women welcome."
  • Rochester Area Narcotics Anonymous.  "Rochester Area Narcotics Anonymous Chat is open for ALL addicts seeking recovery.   Although this room is owned and operated by an addict in Rochester NY, it is OPEN TO ALL addicts.   Pull up a chair and enjoy the chat.   I hope to eventually have nightly NA Meetings in here with the whole nine yards.   Keep coming back and tell your friends about the room! (Addict named John W.)."
  • Rochester Baha'i Songsters.  "A message board for the Rochester, NY Baha'i singing group.  Got vocal chords? Come sing with us."
  • Rochester Bandweb.  "BandWEB of Rochester, NY. A city long known for it's diverse musical heritage. The BandWEB is a place where upstate New York musicians can connect and share information."
  • Rochester Beading Group.  "This group is for Rochester, NY area beaders to share information and resources about beading. This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.comMax Lent ."
  • Rochester Bisexual Polyamorous.  "This group is for bisexual polyamorous people in the Rochester, NY area."
  • Rochester Black Collar Lunch.  "Taking a page from the original BCL group near Washington, DC, I'm starting a list for those in my area interested in starting a local BCL group of our own. For those who don't know, this is where a bunch of goths get dressed up - "business acceptable" dressed up - and go to lunch or events or whatever. The object is to make people aware that just because people happen to be wearing all black does not mean they're bad people. It's a PR vehicle and a way to have fun, all rolled into one! :)  This list is intended only for people in and around the Rochester, NY area - if you're not in this area, this list will probably not be of much use to you."
  • Rochester Canoe.  "Rochester, NY Canoe & Kayaking welcomes upstate canoers and kayakers to join and share resources, stories, and information about Upstate New York waterways, lakes, and ponds.  This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.comMax Lent ."
  • Rochester CISSP.  "This group is open to all individuals interested in obtaining their Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation. See for further details and information on the CISSP."
  • Rochester Cinema,  "Rochester, NY cinema, movie theaters, film festivals, video, reviewers, and anything else related are relevant topics for discussion in this group. Write your own movie reviews, comment on published reviews, and share your moving going experiences.  This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.comMax Lent ."
  • Rochester Coaches. "An informational list for people in the Rochester NY general area who are interested in personal, business and/or corporate coaching but are not members of the ICF Rochester chapter. This list is not a rival of that group, but an additional, auxiliary list for people who want to be kept informed of coaching-related activities in the community but are not ready to join the International Coach Federation affiliated group. It is informative only, not interactive. Owner is Diana Robinson who may be reached at"
  • Rochester Cold Fusion Users Group.  "Rochester, NY Cold Fusion Users Group."
  • Rochester Composite Sqadron in Rochester New York.  "This is for the cadets of the Rochester Composite Squadron in Rochester NY. There are over 125 cadets who belong to this squadron."
  • Rochester Dance.  "Open to all interested in Dancing in the Rochester, NY area. Ballroom, East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Latin, Argentine Tango, etc... all dancers are welcome."
  • Rochester Dog Park Committee & Friends.  "This group is for communication and information on the continuing effort to open the four (4) proposed Dog Parks in the Rochester, NY area."  (New 4/06)
  • Rochester-Disabled.  "Here it is -- a local list to share disability information in the Rochester, NY area! Everybody is welcome here, and please, say whatever you wish; it's YOUR list! and nobody ever gets deleted from this list unless they want to leave. Member can join freely. The mailing list will be unmoderated. This allows members to post and join freely. Attachments are not permitted."
  • Rochester DX Association mailing list.  "Rochester DX Association mailing list.  An amateur radio club that focuses on communication with foreign countries and worldwide contesting. Membership to the mail list is available to members of the club. Temporary mail list membership available to prospective members."
  • Rochester Family Watch"Local news for the whole family. Read it! Write it! Get involved in your community!"
  • Rochester Fiber Arts.  "This group was created for Rochester and Upstate New York fiber artists.  Join the group and introduce yourself and your business.  Share ideas, stories, patterns, tools, and anything else related to fiber arts.  Post photos of your work, sell your work, and announce exhibitions.  Businesses are encouraged to announce sales of their fiber art related merchandise.  You are encouraged to ask and provide assistance to other fiber artists and beginners.  This group is sponsored by Max Lent Communications. Web Consulting"
  • Rochester Footbag Association.  "Rochester Footbag Association - Freestyle Footbag players in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas.   Players of all skill levels are enthusiastically welcomed to join us."
  • Rochester for sale.  Post items for sale or items wanted to buy in this group.  Listings are free.  This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.comMax Lent ."
  • Rochester general discussion.  A general discussion of Rochester, NY topics not covered by other groups.  This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.comMax Lent ."
  • Rochester City IGs.  "Italian Greyhound lovers in Rochester."  
  • Rochester_Israeli_Dance. "This group is for news affecting participants in the Israeli Dance group that takes place Sunday nights at the Rochester, NY JCC."
  • RochesterIT.  "The RochesterIT egroups list has been set up to create a list to share news of interest to the Information Technology/Telecommunications professionals in the Rochester, NY area. This list is moderated and will not allow advertising (or soap box speeches) but will focus on creating a collaborative environment around these technologies to help spark further economic growth in this region."
  • RochesterIT Study Group.  "This is a private group of Rochester, NY IT Professionals that is using this service as a way to communicate between study group meetings."
  • Rochester Lindy.  "This is a list for anybody to post/read information about dancing in Rochester, NY.  It is geared for the lindy hop community primarily, but other dancing is also welcome"
  • Rochester Married But Lesbian.  "A group for currently or previously married women who identify as lesbians in the Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. However, all women are welcome from any area. The focus is to try to establish a support system for women who are married or have been married that identify as lesbians and/or are questioning their sexuality. The goal is to provide support, advice, encouragement and, hopefully, a little levity and humor to our extremely stressful lives. This is a restricted and moderated list in order to keep it as a safe haven for our members and to avoid any bashing. Come on ladies, I know you are out there. Let's join together in support of each other and our own little corner of the gay community."
  • Rochester Microenterprise Network.  "Rochester Microenetrprise Network connects providers of microbusiness
    development assistance in Rochester NY."
  • Roch-Monroe-EMS.  "This group was formed to help EMS/Health care providers in the Rochester/Monroe County area in NY the ability to communicate any relevant issues. Please keep public messages limited to those that would apply to the whole list. This list was originally formed for EMS educators, but all are welcome. I have set the server up to send a reply to only the sender of the original message, this should cut back on some traffic. Please spread the word about this group to other local providers, and help the list grow. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks for joining. "
  • Rochester Market America. "This is a group for Market America Independent Distributors living in the Rochester, NY area."
  • Rochester, New York Frontrunners / Frontwalkers. "Welcome to Rochester, New York Frontrunners / Frontwalkers home page. We are a group of gay men and women interested in fitness. We are part of the International Frontrunners (  ), consisting of 100+ clubs throughout the world."
  • Rochester NFP. (Natural Family Planning).  "Welcome to Rochester NFP.   This group was set up to better facilitate communication between those of us in the Greater Rochester area who practice, teach and/or promote Natural Family Planning.   This group encompasses and was formed by, but is not limited to, those involved in the CCL of Upstate NY chapter."
  • Rochester, NY Area Genealogy.  "This group was created to bring together people researching their family history. This Group is not necessarily for people from the Rochester, NY area, but for people who reside here that would like to share tips, sites, records & other information."Rochester Area Flyers (HG & PG club).  The Rochester Area Flyers is a hang gliding and paragliding club whose flying sites are South of the city of Rochester, NY. All sites are foot-launch and include W, NW, NE, SW and SE facing hills."
  • Rochester, NY Chapter of the International Coach Federation.  "This list is restricted to dues-paying members of the Rochester, NY Chapter of the International Coach Federation.  Coaches and those exploring coaching as a career, who are or would like to become members of ICF, should contact our Chapter Host/President, Tracy Stevens ( )."
  • Rochester, NY_Christians. "Pastor Jack would like to welcome you to our group for Christians in the Rochester, New York area who are interested in sharing ideas on collective worship and community building."
  • Rochester, NY Deaf Community.  "I started this Rochester NY Deaf Community Club for the sole purpose so that ROC NY Deaf can leave information, messages or feedback about our local deaf community. I thought this would be a great place to discuss things because of the message board and we can start adding useful links for any events or great information that others may need to know. Anyone (deaf, hard of hearing, or interesting hearing people) are welcome."
  • Rochester, NY Friends.  "I started this club because I wanted to help people make new friends from around Rochester, NY.   But it would be nice to make friends from eveywhere... :)"
  • Rochester_NY_Friends_Network.  "This is a group for people who would like to make new friends in the Rochester, NY area. This is for people of all ages who would like to meet others to meet (or just chat with) new people. This list is not a personals site - this purpose of this list is for finding and meeting new people to expand your social circle, and/or if you're into it, network with others."
  • Rochester, NY Investment Club.  "Rochester NY Investment Club."
  • Rochester, NY Military Families.  "Rochester, NY Military Families was created for the families of active military personnel.  Its purpose is to help families to create an online community where they can share resources, make contact with each other, and offer help when needed.  This group is also open to individuals and organizations who want to offer help to military families."
  • Rochester, NY Pagan Pride Festival.  "This is an announcement list for the Rochester NY Pagan Pride Festival."
  • Rochester, NY Personal/Individual Web Sites.  "This club is a growing index of personal web sites created by citizens of Rochester New York. No Business/Commercial Sites Please. Please become a member so you can post your site's link in the Bookmarks area to the left. (Western NY sites are also welcome)."Rochester, NY Professional Consultants Group (RPCN).  "This is a broadcast email list established by the Rochester (NY) Professional Consultants Group to communicate information about the organization to non-members who have an interest."
  • Rochester, NY Photography.  "Photography in all of its forms is the topic of this group. There is a special emphasis on Rochester, NY photography including galleries, museums, schools, fine art photography, workshops, and all other forms of local photographic activity. Amateurs and professional photographers are encouraged to participate. Photography collectors and other purchasers of fine art and commercial photography are welcome to the discussion. This group is sponsored by Max Lent Communications. Web Consulting" 
    This group is sponsored by Max Lent Communications. Web Consulting"
  • Rochester, NY Quilters.  "Rochester, NY Quilters invites quilters from all of Upstate, New York to share their ideas, post photos of their quilts, announce exhibitions, promote quilting bees, post links to their Web sites, share quilting resources, and tell stories. This is a supportive community with good natured intent.  This group is sponsored by Max Lent Communications. Web Consulting" 
  • Rochester, NY Restaurant Reviews.  "This is your opportunity to write your own reviews of Rochester, NY area restaurants. Share your reviews with others. Read the reviews of real customers like yourselves. Comment on or rebut published reviews.  This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.comMax Lent ."
  • Rochester, NY Scrappers.  "A group of scrappers in the Rochester, NY area who want a place to talk about scrapbooking, share layouts and have an occasional swap or challenge.   This is not a place for non-scrapbook chit chat.   Please send emails to people for non-scrapbook discussion."
  • Rochester, NY Singles.  "This is a brand new community that was set up as an area for singles in Rochester to meet and chat."
  • Rochester Outdoors Club.  "If your new to kayaking and live here in Rochester, NY, feel free to leave anything here from pictures to poems or just info on who you are and your favorite place to paddle."
  • Rochester Peace.  Rochester has a long and rich history of taking up social causes.  The Rochester Peace group is an open discussion about Peace and a calendar of Peace-related events.
  • Rochester Peacemakers MC.  "Rochester Peacemakers MC is a family- oriented motorcycle organization. Our motto is "Live To Ride - Ride To Eat". We meet on the fourth Wed. of the month at D'Andrea's Party house on Lyell Ave in Rochester, N.Y. Everyone & all types of motorcycles are welcome."
  • Rochesterplaygroup.  "# Small dog play group. The greater Rochester Small Dog Play Group meets once a month to socialize and give their dogs some well deserved play time." (New 4/06)
  • Rochester Punk Relay.  "This email service is set up to let the whoever is interested in the Rochester Punk Page (  ) . Updates will be sent out so that those interested will know when the page has been updated, It is also to let this same group know of shows set up in the area, most specifically shows in the Rochester N.Y. area. In addition we can all use this to sent out messages about shows and what's going on in the Rochester Scene...see ya.. the crew (Rochester!)"
  • The Rochester Rail Transit Committee.  "RRTC_Interest is an email distribution list for those who are interested in Transit related news and updates from The Rochester Rail Transit Committee.   The RRTC is a not-for-profit, grassroots citizen's group dedicated to exploring and promoting the opportunities of rail transit in the greater Rochester, NY area."
  • Rochester Rides.  "A source of communication for motorcycle enthusiasts. We are based in the Rochester, NY area but all are welcome to join us. We will be posting and discussing items of local and national interest to motorcyclists. Please feel free to post your groups' happenings here."
  • The Rochester Scene.  "This club is for my fellow citizens of Rochester NY. Help me out and make this a big popular club for all Rochester citizens."
  • Rochester Special Events.  "This newsgroup is sponsored by The Rochester (NY) Amateur Radio Association and is open to all. It deals with ideas and planning of special events, especially those with a Rochester area wide appeal. Please direct any inquiries to"
  • Rochester Roller Hockey Club.  "A place for people from Rochester and upstate NY to get together and play some hockey eh?"
  • Rochester Rowing Club.  "Members of the Rochester, NY Rochester Rowing Club can be reached by this list."
  • Rochester Silent Supper.  "Rochester Silent Supper is a Deaf group who meets in Rochester, NY. We are people who are completely Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Interpreters, family members, love ones, and students of Sign Language. The only requirement of the group is that you use Sign Language as your method of communicating within the group meet. We meet at various places around Rochester to shake off the busy week with good friends, good food and lots of signing:)"
  • Rochester Singles.  "This club is for Rochester NY singles that are forty and over to chat, discover upstate NY and enjoy clean, quality conversation. Dry wit, local issue discussions and ways to improve the quality of our homes and community may be a start. How about it?   Lets try this out."
  • Rochester's SW:CCG Player Group.  "Welcome to the Rochester, NY, Starwars CCG players group listserv.   This listserv serves as a communication medium for annoucements regarding demos, tournaments, get togethers, and other casual talk."
  • Rochester Soundscape Society.  "The Rochester Soundscape Society is a local chapter of Noise Free America,
    dedicated to restoring and preserving the soundscape of the greater Rochester area by reducing noise, defined for our purposes as unwanted sound, through advocacy, education, and action. We believe in people’s right to reasonable
    control of their own acoustic spaces, and respect and sensitivity towards others’ acoustic spaces. In the case of public spaces, we support responsible use for the greater good of all affected. Because unregulated use always defers, often unfairly, to the highest amplitudes, we recognize the need for consistently enforced laws. We believe that our soundscape profoundly affects the quality of our lives, and that we should do everything we can to restore and preserve its beauty."
  • Rochester Transgender Group.  "Rochester, NY TG support group."
  • Rochester Victoria Fleet.  "This group is to encourage a friendly exchange of ideas and information on sailing the Victoria Model Yact in the Rochester NY area. The fleet sails Wednesday nights at 6:00pm at the Brighton Town Park on Westfall Road. Alternate site is the "TroutPond" in Seneca Park. We are a members of the RAMYA (Rochester Area Model Yachting Association)."
  • Rochester NY Warhammer 40k.  "This Yahoo! group is for all Warhammer 40,000 enthusiasts in Rochester NY, to get together, discuss strategies and have fun with everything dealing with 40k."
  • RochesterWatch.  "A forum covering local and national event from "R" perspective. Make your voice heard." 
  • Rochester West Indian Festival Org.  "The Rochester West Indian Festival Organization, sponsor of the annual Carifest in Rochester, NY."
  • Rumors Rocks Rochester.  "Welcome to Rumors Rocks - electronic mailing list of RUMORS in Rochester, NY. 
    Keep up to date on announcements, events, RUMORS show dates and more!"
  • RUNG (Rochester Unemployed Networking Group).  "RUNG (Rochester Unemployed Networking Group) consists of currently unemployed, underemployed, and recently re-employed professionals in the Rochester, NY area.
    The purpose of this e-mail group is to facilitate networking and the exchange of information amongst members to assist the unemployed and underemployed members in their job search, regardless of their targeted job fields."
  • Ryan Jones.  "Welcome to the official Ryan Jones Yahoo!Group. Ryan Jones is an up and coming country singer/songwriter, fiddle and mandolin player in Rochester, NY.   Check out for a list of all the upcoming gigs in and around the Rochester area."
  • St. John's "Women Of Hope.  "Women from the parish of St. John the Evangelist, Humboldt Street, Rochester NY coming together to explore and discuss women's spirituality and other topics pertinent to women, specifically within the Roman Catholic Church."
  • St. Paul's Shalom - Rochester, NY.  "This is a group of the young families at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Rochester, NY. Our definition of "young" comes from the fact that we have children living at home with us."
  • School #12 PTA mailing list.  "This is the main page for, The mailing list for School #12's PTA, Rochester City School District, Rochester, NY."
  • Sharavathi Kannada Koota.  "Sharavathi Kannada Koota of Greater Rochester Area, NY."
  • Simply Rochester.  "To simply put it, this group has been set up so that people in and around Rochester NY can come and talk, share stories, ask questions, and meet others from this neck of the woods. This is not a hook up place. There are plenty of other places online to do that. We are not prudes, but we will have our fun while respecting the fact that not everyone enjoys the same things."
  • Single Volunteers of Rochester, NY.  "Rochester is a hard place to be single. How do you meet people if you are not into the bar scene? Modeled after a national organization based out of Washington D.C., Single Volunteers of Rochester (SVR) is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit group of energetic professionals looking to meet others through community service. Their objective is to fulfill the volunteer needs of charities in the Rochester area while having fun and meeting people. SVRNY is one of eleven chapters in the United States, with two others in Canada and one in Australia."
  • Smokin' Joes' Tavern, Rochester, N.Y.  "A Place to discuss Smokin Joes Tavern in Rochester, N.Y.   Rochester's best blues and other motorcycle related events."
  • StarWars toy trader.  " all want and trade lists to the message board, go to photos create two albums 1 for pictures of items from your trade list and 1 for pictures of items from your want list."
  • TPCmen · for the Men of Third Presbyterian Church.  "Discussion list for men's groups of Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester NY."
  • TNT Group of First Unitarian Church.  "TNT Group of First Unitarian Church, Rochester NY.   A group of twenties, thirties & forty somethings getting together for fun and relaxation.   Open to anyone, church members or not, single or married."
  • Thescorre.  "The Barony of Thescorre is the Rochester, NY chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. This Society is dedicated to the study and recreation of the Middle Ages not as they were, but as they should have been. As members of the Society, we relive the way people dressed, fought, danced, cooked, brewed, built, etc. In short, our interests and range of research is as varied as our 30,000+ members world-wide. You can read more about the SCA and its beginnings here.  Thescorre encompasses the area bordered by Lake Ontario, Leroy, Mt. Morris, and Newark, NY. It is one of the oldest baronies in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, which includes central and western New York, western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia."
  • Thescorre Fencing.  "This list is for SCA fencers and their friends in the Barony of Thescorre (Rochester, NY) in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc (Western NY, Central & Western PA, and WV)." 
  • TIUNY Yeshiva Rochester.  "This will be a forum for alumni and current "buchrim" of TIUNY ( Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York )to post messages , memories, past and current outrageous happenings, and war stories regarding the Yeshiva in Rochester N.Y."
  • Tompkins County NY PreCana Team.  "Tompkins County NY PreCana Team.  Offering Catholic marriage preparation in Tompkins County, Diocese of Rochester, NY."
  • Twisted Sisters Motorcycle Club. "Twisted Sisters of NY is an Upstate NY women-only motorcycle club. You must be a paid member of the Rochester-based organization in order to participate in this Yahoo Group. Please email for more information. Check out our Website at:"
  • Twice the Guitar.  "Twice the Guitar is a musical duo performing around the Rochester, NY area. Their music is a little jazz, a little bossa nova and a smattering of other influences."
  • University of Rochester 2006. "This is a group for everyone that will be a freshman at the UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER in Rochester, NY next year (2002-2003). Come here to talk, chill, or just meet fellow classmates! We all already have something in common... we're the YELLOWJACKETS class of 2006."
  • Up_All_Night · Rochester, NY Concerts.  "Up All Night is a concert promoting company in Rochester, NY. We have concerts at Milestones, the Auditorium and Water Street Music Hall that are mostly in the jamband genre but not exclusively. This list will serve to announce these concerts, ticket outlets, ticket on sale dates and any other pertinent info for the shows."
  • Upstate NY Mystery Shopping.  "I hope this will become a place for those of us in Upstate NY to share ideas, tips, tricks. I would also like the schedulers to add their job postings. Thanx for visiting and hope you can make some new friends.
  • Upstate New York GIS.  "This is the group for users of Geographic Information Systems from all fields in Upstate New York.  GIS users from the Albany, Adirondack, Upper Hudson Valley, Utica/Rome, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Buffalo, and Southern Tier Regions are welcome.  If you are from outside Upstate New York you are welcome but please only post messages, items and announcements relevant to Upstate NY or the discussion at hand."
  • Upstate NY Business Continuity Planners.  "Upstate New York Business Continuity Planners is a group formed to share information about continuity planning (contingency planning, disaster recovery, etc)."
  • Upstate-Raves.  "Welcome to Upstate-Raves. This list was formed to imform people of the upstate NY rave (or party) scene. This includes all regions & cities upstate including: Binghamton, Ithaca, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and more. Discussion is welcomed on all aspects of our scene. This is a good place for promoters to post events. Also a good place for kids to learn about parties or give reviews. And for people to make friends."
  • ur_indians.  "Platform for a sense of community amongst the Indians in Rochester, NY."
  • WDKX Virtual Water Cooler.  "This site will serve as meeting place for those that visit the Rochester, NY radio station WDKX, 103.9FM. This site is not currently produced or maintained by the radio station. The posts here are solely of the people visiting."
  • Webster, New York Discussion.  "This discussion is open to Webster, New York residents who want to talk about politics, development, nature, conservation, schools, taxes, zoning, and more."
  • Western NY APO Alumni Association.  "A regionally based alumni association for Alpha Phi Omega brothers based around Western NY to cover all areas west of the Rochester based alumni association."
  • Western NY Martial Arts.  "This club is a resource for Martial Artist in the Western NY Area (Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Corning, Ithaca, etc.). Please share information about your schools, questions about systems and information on upcoming events."
  • Western NY MINI.  "A group for MINI owners in the Rochester and Buffalo areas of NY state.   Folks not living in the area but still interested are very welcome."
  • Western NY RAINN Fest.  "This group is for the discussion and organization of the Western NY RAINN Fest, which will be held for the cities of Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo NY.   Want to help organize this event?   Sign up for this list!   Just want to know what's going on with the party?   Sign up here too for regular updates.   Feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions."
  • Wintersail · Rochester Frostbite Association.  "InterClub Dinghy racing in the beautiful Genesee River at RYC, Rochester, NY."
  • WLS network of western NY.  (Weight Loss Support).  "Western NY support network located in the Greater Rochester area. We hold support meetings on a regular basis, and encourage members to attend these meetings for the purpose of one-on-one support, friendship and fun! Get ideas on meals, exercise, nutrition, and more. No flaming will be permitted. Personal messages must be addressed to the individual, and members are requested to maintain a connection to the WLS issues when posting."
  • Wnypugs.  "Western New York State Pug dog owners, admirers. General discussion group for subjects related to Pug Dogs." (New 4/06)
  • Xi Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.  "A group for Brothers and Alumni of Xi Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity.  Xi Zeta Chapter is located at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY."
  • Young Moms.  "Welcome Everyone, to Youngmoms! This is the place to be, if you're a parent between 13 and 25... feel free to brag, bitch, rant, rave, make new friends, chat with old ones, get or give advice! Just have fun! If you haven't already, check out our main site:
  • Zydeco Vacation.  "Zydeco Vacation is a group formed by Hypnotic Clambake's (  lead man, Maury Rosenberg. The band explores the Zydeco side of the music scene. With all the members living in Rochester, NY, Zydeco Vacation plays mostly in the Rochester area. If you get a chance to see them, don't miss out. It will be a pleasant experience had by all"


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