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Rochester Business Directory: Health

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The following Rochester, NY businesses sell or promote products and services through the Web. Any local business selling or promoting non-adult or gambling products or services through the Web can obtain a free exchange or paid link.  Request a free exchange link or paid link. 

  • Pilates of Rochester, Inc.  "Pilates of Rochester provides private, semi-private and group sessions on both the mat and the Pilates Apparatus. Pilates exercises lengthen and tone muscles simultaneously to create a long, sleek physique-a contrast to the bulky-muscle look that can result from weight lifting and high repetition workouts. Pilates also improves posture and flexibility, reduces joint stress and enhances balance and coordination. Each session at Pilates of Rochester is customized and based on clients' needs, providing safe but challenging workouts. Specializations include but are not limited to pre/post natal workouts, rehabilitation from shoulder, back and knee injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis. Jeanne Schickler Compisi is currently the only member of the Pilates Method Alliance in Rochester, NY. This Alliance is dedicated to protecting the public by establishing certification standards for Pilates professionals. Jeanne has an extensive background in teaching both Pilates and dance and received her certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC." 

  • Pilates Matworks.  "Pilates Matworks offers group and private pilates mat instruction.

    Pilates mat work is a method of body conditioning that combines a unique series of stretching and strengthening exercises that strengthen and lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and balance, build strength in the core/abdominals, improve posture and spinal alignment, improve joint mobility and blood circulation, reduce stress, and teach the body and spine to work efficiently, therefore preventing injuries. Pilates mat work is an engaging and intelligent form of body conditioning for people of all ages and physical abilities.

    Melanie Aceto of Pilates Matworks is certified through the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. Her classes are unique because of her extensive teaching experience in both the fields of dance and Pilates. Melanie's attention to detail and use of imagery help make the moves easy for a beginner and challenging for an advanced student.

    You are only as young as your spine is mobile.
    Pilates is an ideal way to find mobility, strength and proper alignment of your spine and body."



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