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Q.  How can I get my business listed on

A. All legal, non-adult entertainment, businesses may request an exchange link on by visiting the link request page.  If your business does not link to other Web sites, you may still request a paid link.   

Q.  Why must I provide an exchange link to  while other businesses do not?

A.  There are a number of businesses listed in who were listed before a link exchange or paid link policy was established.  All new requests for links on must provide an exchange link or pay an annual fee for their listing.  All previously listed businesses that request changes to their links or descriptions will be subject to the link exchange policy.

Sometimes people forget that exchanging links is what the Web is about and why it is called the Web. The Web is a community.  Those wanting to participate in the community are always welcome.

Q.  How does make money?

A.'s revenue comes from advertising.  When you visitors click on the the advertising links, income is earned.

Q.  Who publishes

A. is published by Max Lent Communications.  Additional contact information is available on the contact page.   

Q.  Does Max Lent Communications collect information about visitors to

A.  No.  Max Lent Communications does not collect any personal information from visitors to its Web sites.  Our privacy policy is clearly stated on our privacy page.   

Q.  I used to live in Rochester, NY and loved eating white hots.  Where can I order them?

A.  Every few weeks I receive an email from an ex-Rochesterian who longs for white hots. They want to know where they can order them on-line. The answer to that question is order them directly from Zweigles.

Zweigle's Inc.
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Rochester, NY 14608
(585) 546-1740
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