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Visitor Comments

  • "Just a note from a stranger to say I thoroughly enjoyed your written piece on canoeing Canadice in the dark.  Canadice Lake and its surrounding mountains have an incredible magic.  My wife and I were married while renting a small, restored hunting cabin which is on one of the mountains that slope down to the shore of Canadice . Some of my most peaceful moments were canoeing there and walking the surrounding dirt lanes.  The smell of spring and all of its blossoms always takes me back to that place. I am glad you got to experience this mystic lake!!! Thanks!" C.K.
  • "Thanx Max, was trying to identify a flower that I saw in the Adirondacks. The Red Trillium on your site is it." J.A.
  • "My favorite part of my visit to your site was your St. Regis narrative. I'm looking forward to going someday.  Thanks again!" R.D.

  • "Nicely done website! Good info on some local areas! Part of every canoeist would like to keep the good spots secret, to preserve the solitude of paddling a quiet stream, but another part wants to share, to encourage people to discover the beauty of the area and the great sport of canoeing.  It was nice to find your website and I have passed the address on to friends." D.W.

RE: Cobbs Hill Walk

  • "I just found a site of yours while doing a search for 'dog runs' in Rochester. I was quite surprised to see such a sweeping generalization regarding Rochester dog owners- 'that they bring their dogs to parks so they can defecate on trails and leave it there', or some such nonsense. What you may not have thought about is that you would see no evidence of the pet owners who actually pick up after their animals. Wow! Was that a revelation for you, or what?

    I don't like stepping in dog crap either, but I like reading (expletive deleted) on the internet even less.

    Thanks for your time." Thomas C.


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