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Recommended Nature Books

The following books can be ordered from this page.  Click on the book title and you will shown how to order it through Amazon Books.  For current accurate pricing click on the underlined titles.  Purchasing books through from this page helps support this Web site.

Nature Writing

Lopez1.gif (5450 bytes) Arctic Dreams: Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape.  Barry H. Lopez.  Barry Lopez in in a class by himself.  This book is in a class by its self.  There is not a better nature writer and few nature books as interesting to read.  His stories and observations of the Arctic will stay with you long after you have read the book.

Coming into the Country.  John McPhee.  John McPhee is the writer to read if you want to study well crafted writing.  His clarity of vision is unexcelled.   His prose is lean and still richly descriptive.  After reading a series of poorly written books it is enjoyable to come back to McPhee as reminder of what great writing is about.

Teaching Stones to Talk.  Annie Dillard.  I first heard Annie Dillard read aloud by the artist Judy Levy on a moonlit canoe paddle in the middle of Canadice Lake in Western New York.  Dillard's words were magical.  Her writing is personal, gentle, caring, delecate, elegant, and yet very familiar feeling.  Her perceptions are tough, realistic, and spiritual all at once. Last night I read Dillard's stories again.  I will read them again someday and savor them even more. 

Nature Field Guides

Eastern Forests (Audubon Society Nature Guides) by Ann Sutton, Myron Sutton. From the National Audubon Society.  This is the book I carry with me when I am out looking for new trees to add to my Nature of Rochester Web pages.  I give it high marks for ease of use and construction.

Wetlands (Audubon Society Nature Guides) by William A. Niering.  A copy of this book has accompanied us on many a canoe trip and wetlands hike.  Like Eastern Forests, this book is easy to use and holds up well in the field.


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